Cleaning parts.

I’ve been building, repairing, and modifying race cars for 32 years. Before that it was bicycles. I’ve cleaned my fair share of dirty parts over the years using all sorts of different solvents and degreasers. In my early days the solvent of choice was good old gasoline, leaded gasoline. It was cheap back then. Back then we didn’t give a thought to the toxins we were absorbing through our skin.

Over those 32 years I have tried countless different “natural” cleaners and solvents, many citrus based degreasers and cleaners, others made of who knows what natural ingredients, some kinda worked a little, others were even less successful. So when BNAC asked me to try out their MSC 50 Machine Shop Cleaner, a water based solvent, I was certainly open to trying it, but I was skeptical too.

I won’t bore you with all the details of how I tested it, but the bottom line is that it worked, it really worked. This water based, safe for you and the environment, solvent replacement does what it says it will. It cuts through the grease and oil and cleans parts.  And it smells good.

This is a water based solvent, put it in your parts washer to clean parts. Because it’s water based, there is no longer any fire hazard like there is with a traditional parts washer.

Is your skin sensitive to regular solvents, MSC 50 is about as harsh on the skin as dishwater, in fact I find it nicer on my skin than doing dishes.

It lasts longer than regular solvent, and this is a big bonus. Wash oily parts in regular solvent and the oil mixes in with the solvent, pretty soon you have oily solvent that no longer works. With MSC 50 the oils rise to the surface, skim the oil off and the solvent below is good to go. If you have a pump on your parts washer as most do, put a filter in the system and your MSC 50 will stay clean and last a very long time saving you money.

If you have any sort of shop where you are using traditional solvents for cleaning, you really should be using BNAC’s MSC 50. Once you’ve used it you will never go back.

Go to their website here, for more information on their full range of products, as well as their contact details, they will ship direct to you anywhere in the world. (This is not a dangerous product like solvent, no special shipping requirements), or,

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