12Love at First Sight. From the moment he saw his first race, Jim knew he would do what he had to do to get in the driver’s seat. His deeply rooted passion is what drives him to be the very best driver he can, not only in car handling skills, but in everything else required to be a championship driver.

The Start Line

Jim was visiting his grandparents when he caught his first glimpse of a Top Fuel dragster on their big console television. It had just blown through the finish line: round form parachute out, bouncing slightly on the slicks, making that sound those engines made as they slowed. Jim was 5 years old, and hooked.

Jim developed a fascination with how machines worked, and how he could make them work better. After 11 years of tinkering with bicycles and anything else he could take apart and put back together, Jim was finally old enough to put his dream into action and embark on his journey to become a professional Drag Race Car Driver. At 16 he received his driver’s license and moved to Australia where he worked in a shop specializing in race engines. He began crewing for different race teams before branching out into his own race shop. Jim prepared cars and engines for racing and was finally able to build his first race car: a 12 second Sedan.

Racing the Sedan for a few years, Jim then upgraded to a 9 second Altered. Meanwhile, he had begun building complete race cars from the ground up. He was able to get involved with some Top Fuel teams in Australia and was slated to drive the NEC Top Fuel Dragster, but lack of funding put the project to an end. Shortly after, Jim moved home to the Sunshine Coast of Canada to raise his family.

Re-Igniting the Vision

In 2007 as Jim’s daughter Casey was about to graduate, he decided he was ready to return to racing. Jim travelled back and forth to Florida to gain seat time and re-acquire his competition licenses. Working with Frank Hawley, known as the best drag race driving instructor in the world, Jim earned his license in both Top Alchohol Dragster and Top Alcohol Funny Car, and is on his way to becoming a World Champion.

Jim went on to drive the Top Alchohol Dragster of Leo Grocock and Super Comp Dragster owned by Simon Kingsley. Jim is now driving a front engine dragster for Dennis Hicks in the Nostalgia series, just as he saw on television when his passion for racing was born.

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The Future Vision:

“Whether you think you can or you cannot, either way you are right.”
-Henry Ford